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Who I Am?

I grew up in a historical city called Chitradurga, India, and came to Bangalore for graduation. I started my career there in the Learning & Development team. I initially reviewed instructional documents such as High-Level Design Documents and Storyboards. After a while, I switched to core Instructional Design as the urge to help learners understand concepts in the best and the most interesting way grew in me. Since then, I have been helping organizations and individuals get the best version of their learning experiences.

I have worked for multiple clients across the globe as well as various industries. Working in a diverse environment has helped me grasp new tools and technologies quickly and effectively design them. I ensure to make my every interaction with stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) the best for both of us, and this has been my great strength throughout. The learning never ends. 

Currently, I live in Mysore with my husband and in-laws. I love going out with my family and cooking various dishes at home. I watch a lot of movies and listen to podcasts. I want to start my own podcast, but there's a lot more that I need to know about it. I will do that shortly! 

The Artist In Me!

I am a certified Bharatanatyam (one of the Indian Classical Dances) dancer. Dance is my passion and keeps me going through all phases of life. It motivates me always to keep learning and boosts my ability to think differently. I perform on-stage and teach some of the kids on the weekends.

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